Enjoy a relaxing journey overnight and make the most of the day!

With City Night Line, you get a good nightís sleep and wake up fresh at your destination the next morning.
When you travel by City Night Line, you can be sure of a comfortable and pleasant journey whether you are planning a short break, visiting friends or family, or taking a business trip. Choose your accommodation from either a sleeper, couchette or seat for your time on board.

The sleeping car
In your own bedroom through the night.
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The couchette car
Have a good night sleep in an inexpensive couchette.
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The seated car
Travel overnight at a low fare.
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Munich - Venice
Munich - Amsterdam
Cologne - Prague
Zurich - Prague
Hamburg - Zurich
Munich - Rome
Munich - Berlin
Berlin - Zurich
Munich - Hamburg
Munich - Milan
Amsterdam - Zurich

Please contact our Sales team at the Deutsche Bahn UK Booking Centre on +44 (0)8718 80 80 66 (charges apply)
or send an e-mail to sales@bahn.co.uk . We are happy to help!

Key benefits

  • Save a day by travelling overnight
  • Arrive well-rested in the city centre
  • Stress-free travel

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