Travel throughout Europe overnight and make the most of your day!

Woman leaning on City Night Line ready to travel at night

Whether youíre connecting from Berlin to Venice via Munich or to other European destinations, regardless of if you are planning to go sightseeing, shopping, visiting friends or family or if it is a business or leisure trip: the City Night Line is a sublime way to travel.

There are three categories of comfort to choose from on the night train: comfortable sleeper, couchette or seat.

City Night Line train in station waiting

Sleeping car
In your own bedroom through the night.
more information about the sleeping car

Spend a good night in an inexpensive couchette car.
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Seated car
The seated car is the cheapest comfort class on City Night Line.
more information about the seated car

Price overview
Book one of our saver fare Germany - Europe packages (ticket and reservation) for inexpensive overnight travel to your destination with City Night Line. Prices per person and route in a couchette car begin at just 59 euros. For an extra 25 euros, you can travel in a comfortable sleeping car, including breakfast.

We can redirect you to the City Night Line website with more detailed information about destinations Click here

Further information about City Night Line can be found here

For more information or to purchase your CNL connection please contact a DB agency near you, click the ''book now'' button or call our DB Service Centre (+49 180 5 99 66 33)

Passes (GRP/Eurail) are also valid for use with the CNL, for further information head to or the German Rail Pass homepage

Benefits at a glance

  • Gain a whole day by traveling over night.
  • Arrive directly in the centre of town well rested and refreshed.
  • Travel free of stress and unaffected by the weather.

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