Travel within Germany and Europe in a group at affordable prices!

Group of travelers

Are you planning to travel within Germany in a group? Then we have the perfect ticket for you! At DB, six people traveling together are already considered a group.

DB Bahn offers two different tickets for groups. If you want to travel with a group within Germany you need the group discount ticket ("Gruppe&Spar"). If you decide to travel to neighboring countries the saver fare for groups ("Sparpreis Gruppe") is the ticket of your choice.
Please read about the conditions below.

Traveling in Europe as a group

You’ll get up to 70% discount on long-distance ticket prices compared to standard fares. With the maximum discount, a "Gruppe&Spar-70" offer, you’ll never pay more than 43.70 euros per person one-way, no matter how far you travel. The ticket is available for connections within Germany and to other European countires. When you purchase your ticket, just decide on which train connections you’ll travel on and on which date.

Please note that there is a limit on the number of Group discount tickets for long-distance travel. Pre-planning is essential for group travel and we recommend booking well in advance.

Original ticket title: Gruppe&Spar
Pre-booking period: 12 months, if the timetable is available.
Pre-sale period: Up to one hour before start of travel!
Deposits: Minimum of 10% or 50 euros (up to 8 days prior to departure).
Exchanges: 17.50 euros fee (up to 7 days prior to departure).
Refunds: 6 euros per person, max. 36 euros (up to 7 days prior to departure).
Valid for: Local and long-distance services for groups of all sizes (6-99 people) and discount rates (Gruppe&Spar 30, 40, 50, 60, 70) in Germany and to Europe.
Offer Discount
Gruppe&Spar 30
30% discount
Gruppe&Spar 40 40% discount
Gruppe&Spar 50 50% discount
Gruppe&Spar 60 60% discount
Gruppe&Spar 70 70% discount

Traveling within Germany as a group

For a long weekend with friends or with the whole family to the most beautiful cities in Germany, to the coast or hiking in the mountains – the choice is up to you! But one thing is sure, travelling in a group just makes the journey more fun. And the best is, traveling with a group doesn’t cost too much, we have attractively priced group saver fare tickets for Germany available from just 19 euros per person in 2nd Class.

No matter where you want to travel in Germany, you only have to fix your exact route and day of travel when you purchase your tickets.
Seat reaservation is included.

Original ticket title: Sparpreis Gruppe
Price Long-distance
2nd class: from 19 euros per person
1st class: from 29 euros per person
Booking persiod Group bookings/enquiries can be made up to 12 months before the date of travel (provided that the timetable covering the period of travel is available in the system). For travel dates not included in the current timetable, groups planning to travel on long-distance services will receive confirmation of fixed fares
Products On long-distance services
ICE, ICE Sprinter, TGV*, RJ, IC, EC, D, CNL*, EN, IC Bus*

On local services
IRE, RE and RB

* only connections within Germany
Children Children between 6 and 15 years of age pay 50% of the normal flexible ticket price, those under 6 travel for free
Seat reservation Seat reservation for this offer is compulsory and included with ticket purchase
Pre-sale deadline This offer is demand based and available up to 1 hour before train departure if seats are available
Deposits Deposits for travel within Germany are 10% of the fare, with a minimum of 50.00 euros. The remainder must be paid 7 days before journey commences
Exchanges 17.50 euros (only possible at the latest 7 days before date of travel)
Refunds: Full cancellation/ partial cancellation Full cancellation:
36.00 euros (only possible at the latest 7 days before date of travel)

Partial cancellation:
6.00 euros per person, max. 36.00 euros (only possible at the latest 7 days before date of travel)
Additional bookings Additional bookings can be made on long-distance services as long as tickets are available with the same conditions as the group saver fare ticket for Germany
Night trains (City Night Line) The group saver fare ticket for Germany is also valid on City Night Line services (with an additional charge)

Always well-informed with the fare and availability indicator

With the fare and availability indicator for groups, you can conveniently check from your home which group discount offers are available for the group travel you wish and also what the journey will cost.
You can request the information both for national as well as for international group journeys by rail.

You are welcome to send your availability-checked group journey to our DB customer support agents via the online inquiry form.
They will contact you within 24 hours.
Search online.

If you have questions, you are welcome to send your request to the closest DB agency. The agency will be glad to help you!

Are you traveling with 5 or less?

For one day of unlimited travel on all regional trains within Germany you can choose one of our various offer for small groups of up to 5 people: Travel throughout Germany during the week or on the weekend.
If you are only traveling within one region (e.g. Bavaria) you save even more! Select your region now!!