Junge Frau mit FFP2-Maske entspannt im ICE

Travelling by train during the coronavirus pandemic

What do travellers need to know? We have summarised the most important information to help you plan a safe and relaxing journey.

Questions and answers

  • There is no longer a 3G rule for long-distance trains. You therefore no longer need to provide proof of a test result, vaccination or recovery to travel on long-distance trains
  • There are different regulations for regional transport, where local rules apply.

Passengers are legally required to wear a FFP2 mask on all DB long-distance trains in Germany.

The regulations on compulsory masks in buses and trains as well as at stations, on platforms and in lounges that apply to local transport are regulated by the respective federal state.  

To the regulations in the individual federal states

Please wear an FFP2 or medical-grade mask when travelling on our trains.

To comply with public health requirements, please wear an FFP2 mask on board long-distance trains. The regulations on compulsory masks that apply to local transport are regulated by the respective federal state.

We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask on local trains as well. Pay attention to announcements and information from train staff. 

Legal regulations set by the German federal states apply. These are available on the Federal Government's website.

To the regulations in the individual federal states

Security staff perform random checks to ensure that people comply with mask-wearing regulations. If a passenger repeatedly refuses to comply with mask-wearing requirements, DB staff can ban them from travelling. In the event of a conflict, the police will be requested to enforce the ban.

Protecting the health of its employees and passengers is Deutsche Bahn's top priority. People who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt from doing so. DB's train crews are, within the scope of privacy regulations, entitled to ask passengers to produce a medical certificate as proof of exemption. Therefore, please always carry an appropriate medical certificate with you.

We do not recommend using a mask with an exhalation valve. Some federal states do not permit their use on public transport. We recommend that you obtain a printed or digital version of the relevant certificate (e.g. EN 14683:2019-10) when using a multi-layer fabric mask permitted in line with states' regulations. Bring this certificate with you when travelling by train and present it to the train crew if asked.

Safe and hygienic travel

The general hygiene guidelines issued by Germany’s Robert Koch Institute are in force on our train and bus services and at our stations. These and other regulations can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

Other hygiene recommendations and safety measures from DB

  • Maintain a suitable distance from fellow passengers and DB staff.
  • At stations, we have installed plexiglass panels at our DB Travel Centres and information desks.
  • Our train attendants scan tickets or perform visual checks to confirm validity.

We are in continuous communication with Germany’s interior ministry, national and regional healthcare authorities, and national and regional transport ministries. Whenever the situation regarding public health changes, we are in a position to react with speed and flexibility.

Travel safely: Information about all our hygiene measures and tips for your next journey are available here: Safe travel on Deutsche Bahn’s trains

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