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Information about seat availability

How full is my train?

Information about demand levels

When you view your selected connection on bahn.de and in DB Navigator, you can see how full your train is likely to be.

Thanks to this information, you can decide if you want to reserve a seat or would prefer to catch a different train.

What do the symbols mean?

Answers to FAQs

The information about demand always pertains to the class you select when searching for a connection. Second class is the default setting.

  • Demand levels are visible only for DB's long-distance trains (ICE, IC, EC). Our system cannot show demand levels on other operators' services, in particular regional trains.
  • Our system is also unable to display information for certain other trains, in particular services operating outside of Germany.
  • This information is normally on display 28 days before the day of departure. No information is displayed for connections that are more than 28 days in the future or if no data is available.

If this is the case for all connections displayed as search results, then the "Demand" column is not visible on your screen.

Information about demand is based on forecasts. As a result, the actual conditions in a given train can be different to our system's prediction.

Additionally, the information pertains to the train as a whole (plus each travel class). Demand can vary considerably from carriage to carriage: for example, more seats are normally available at the ends of the train than in the middle.

Your ticket remains restriction to a specific connection. This means that you cannot use it on another train.

Our tip: book your ticket as early as possible. This way, you will probably be able to select the seat you want. Demand can change, and if lots of people want to take a specific train, you might not be able to reserve a seat after a certain point. We therefore recommend booking as early as possible.