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Travel safely on the train

Before your journey

Safe travel on local and long-distance trains starts even before you catch your train. We have put a list of tips together for people planning a journey.

  • The demand indicator on and in DB Navigator shows you if more than half of a train's seats are likely to be occupied. In this case, you will see an orange symbol. It is a good idea to plan your journey for outside peak times.
  • Our DB Navigator app is perfect for making contactless and secure bookings.
  • We recommend that you maintain as much distance as possible from other people, even while you are on the platform. Avoid crowding around a few doors when the train pulls in. Instead, try to make use of all of the train's doors. Information about safety measures at the station


During travel

  • Contactless passenger information is available before and during travel in our apps, DB Streckenagent and DB Navigator.
  • We recommend that ICE/IC passengers use the Komfort Check-in service. This lets travellers validate their own ticket so train attendants do not need to inspect it.
  • Our on-board catering uses contactless payment options for smartphones and debit and credit cards with NFC chips.