Safe travel. We’ll get there together.

We're doing everything possible to guarantee safe travel for our passengers. Help protect yourself and others by following the three main rules: maintain social distance, wash your hands and wear a medical mask.

3G rule applies at DB

The 3G rule applies on trains and buses of Deutsche Bahn (DB).

Further information

Mitarbeiterin vor Zug
  • Some people have to travel despite the pandemic. We're here for them. DB's trains are running according to schedule. This enables us to offer maximum space for our passengers, making it easier to maintain the required level of social distancing.
  • We will also start deploying additional brand-new trains as of December, enabling us to provide travellers with thousands of extra seats and more frequent connections on many of our busiest routes. From 22 December to 2 January, we will operate around 100 long-distance trains on travel connections that are in high demand.
  • We have made changes to our seat reservation system so that you can maintain adequate distance on trains.
  • Please pay attention to the distance markers: they help you board and disembark when your train is at the platform.
  • All unenclosed DB Travel Centre and DB Information desks are now fitted with plexiglass screens.
  • Our trains are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Handles and surfaces around doors and at seats get extra-special treatment. Around Germany, over 4,300 employees work every day to clean trains and stations so our facilities and vehicles meet the necessary hygiene standards.
  • We have doubled the number of mobile cleaning teams working on long-distance trains. Since the start of the pandemic, these mobile teams clean each train approx. once every 2 hours.
  • On many of our trains (incl. ICE/IC), disinfectant has been added to the hand-washing facilities in the on-board toilets. We make sure that soap and hand sanitiser dispensers are always full. The number of dispensers at our stations is also growing.
  • Currently, our employees scan tickets or perform visual checks to confirm validity. Simply present a printed ticket, or use the DB Navigator app on your smartphone to show your digital ticket.
  • Passengers on many long-distance trains can also use the Self Check-in (Komfort Check-in) function, which does away with the need for ticket inspections.
  • Are you a commuter? You can use the DB Streckenagent app to present your digital subscription ticket contactlessly and check your route whenever you want.
DB Regio und DB Fernverkehr im M�nchner Hbf

Whenever the necessary technology is present, we open the doors of our S-Bahn trains automatically. This lets you board and disembark without touching any surfaces, and it also lets fresh air circulate in the carriages. Our vehicles' climate control systems also pump ample fresh air through trains, helping to further minimise the risk of infection.

Zwei Personen bei der Ticketkontrolle

All employees who interact in person with passengers on local and long-distance trains wear medical masks. DB has an urgent request to make of all passengers: when you are on a train, please be responsible and considerate by wearing a FFP2 mask, maintaining social distance and complying with hygiene regulations.

Before your journey

Safe travel on local and long-distance trains starts even before you catch your train. We have put a list of tips together for people planning a journey.

  • The demand indicator on and in DB Navigator shows you if more than half of a train's seats are likely to be occupied. In this case, you will see an orange symbol. It is a good idea to plan your journey for outside peak times.
  • Our DB Navigator app is perfect for making contactless and secure bookings.
  • Even when you're on the platform, maintain as much distance as possible: you and your fellow passengers should spread out in the space available to you. Avoid crowding around a few doors when the train pulls in. Instead, try to make use of all of the train's doors.
  • You must carry proof of full vaccination, recovery or a negative COVID-19 test. Further information

During travel

We’ll get there together. Help us make travelling safe for everyone by sticking to the main rules:

  • We recommend you wear your FFP2 mask during the entire journey and at stations, platforms and stops. Please observe the relevant regulations and the nationwide requirement to wear a mask.
  • Depending on the hospital alert level, a medical-grade mask (green level) or FFP2 mask (from yellow level) must be worn when using local transport services (all modes of transport and all railway stations) in Bavaria. Masks are not required on platforms and at outdoor stops.
  • Anyone who fails to do so can be barred from travelling and be fined. When on board trains, please be careful and maintain as much distance as possible.
  • Our train crew helps passengers to find seats so they are spread out for safety on trains. The number of reservations is limited. This way, we ensure maximum flexibility for travellers and give them the chance to move seats if necessary.
  • Contactless passenger information is available before and during travel in our apps, DB Streckenagent and DB Navigator.
  • We recommend that ICE/IC passengers use the Self Check-in (Komfort Check-in) service. This lets them validate their own ticket so train attendants do not need to inspect it.
  • Our on-board catering uses contactless payment options for smartphones and debit and credit cards with NFC chips. 
  • DB security and conducting staff randomly check whether you are vaccinated, have recovered from the virus or have been tested negative. Above all, however, it is your cooperation that will help us to implement the new legal regulations.

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