Travel safely on the train

Before your journey

Safe travel on local and long-distance trains starts even before you catch your train. We have put a list of tips together for people planning a journey.

  • The demand indicator on and in DB Navigator shows you if more than half of a train's seats are likely to be occupied. In this case, you will see an orange symbol. It is a good idea to plan your journey for outside peak times.
  • Our DB Navigator app is perfect for making contactless and secure bookings.
  • We recommend that you maintain as much distance as possible from other people, even while you are on the platform. Avoid crowding around a few doors when the train pulls in. Instead, try to make use of all of the train's doors. Information about safety measures at the station


During travel

We'll get there together. Help us make travelling safe for everyone by sticking to the three main rules: maintain social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands.

  • Please wear a FFP2 mask when travelling on our long-distance trains. 
  • Anyone who fails to do so can be barred from travelling and be fined. Please note: If you are medically exempt from the obligation to wear a mask, please show your certificate to the train staff. This medical certificate does not have to contain a diagnosis. When on board trains, please be careful and maintain as much distance as possible.
  • Our train crew helps passengers to find seats so they are spread out for safety on trains. This way, we ensure maximum flexibility for travellers and give them the chance to move seats if necessary.
  • Contactless passenger information is available before and during travel in our apps, DB Streckenagent and DB Navigator.
  • We recommend that ICE/IC passengers use the Komfort Check-in service. This lets travellers validate their own ticket so train attendants do not need to inspect it.
  • Our on-board catering uses contactless payment options for smartphones and debit and credit cards with NFC chips.

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