BahnCard 100 conditions and ordering process

Ordering BahnCard 100:

NB: We must receive an application at least 14 days before you want to start using a BahnCard 100. Once your order has been processed, you receive a provisional BahnCard 100 that is valid from the requested validity date. The final BahnCard 100 is sent to you after about 3 weeks.

BahnCard 100 conditions:

EUR 4,339 for one year in 2nd class (single payment)
EUR 7,356 for one year in 1st class (single payment)
Orders via form on
Alternative ordering process at DB Travel Centre

EUR 402 per month in 2nd class (subscription)*
EUR 682 per month in 1st class (subscription)*
Ordering possible only at DB Travel Centre

* Minimum duration period: one year. Validity: from first day of month if order received by fifth day of previous month. Order forms for a subscription BahnCard 100 are available from all DB ticket outlets.
New sales of the BahnCard 100 season ticket will be discontinued as of 11.12.2022.
100% off flexible fares within Germany

Discount on flexible fares for the foreign part of the route in more than 20 European countries.

Travelling to and from France: Fixed prices for French section of journey (including seat reservation). Available for booking at travel centres.
Price for children travelling with parents/grandparents:
Up to four children aged 6-14 travel for free when accompanying a parent/grandparent.
Validity / cancellation:
A BahnCard 100 is valid for one year starting on the first day of its stated validity period. A subscription BahnCard 100 is automatically renewed for an additional year unless it is cancelled at least 4 weeks before it is due to expire. After the end of the first year of validity, subscription cards can be cancelled with a 6-week notice period. Please note: the end of the 4-week notice period must coincide with the end of a month. A single-payment BahnCard 100 expires after one year and is not automatically renewed for an additional year.

Please send the cancellation in writing to DB Fernverkehr, BahnCard 100, 60645 Frankfurt, Germany.
Means of transport:
You may use the following transport services:
ICE, IC/EC, ÖBB Nightjet (reservation may be required), local trains (IRE, RE, RB, S-Bahn).

The BahnCard 100 is also valid within the City-Ticket zone of all towns and cities covered by the City-Ticket offering. Many transport associations also provide BahnCard 100 discounts.
ID when travelling:
A BahnCard 100 features a photo. When travelling, please bring your passport or national ID card with you for presentation during ticket inspection.