Schlafwagen vom kroatischen Nachtzug

Travel between Germany and Croatia by Croatian night train

Enjoy comfortable overnight travel through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia on the Croatian Railways night train.



  • operates daily
  • air conditioning in seated areas, couchettes (operates in summer season only) and sleeper coaches


  • operates daily
  • air conditioning in seated areas and sleeper coaches (operates in summer season only)


Travel options with HZPP night trains

Compartment types: three-berth (Tourist), two-berth (Double) and single-berth (Single) sleeper with washing facility.

If you book a Single or Double compartment, you will receive a breakfast consisting of water and a hot drink of your choice in addition to toiletries. The Tourist category includes a light breakfast.

The berths in Triple and Double compartments can be booked individually. Separate booking for women's and men's compartments.

Compartment types: couchette coach with 4 or 6 berths.

You will be served a light breakfast consisting of a croissant, water and a hot drink of your choice. Your berth comes with a blanket, sheet and fresh pillow. Washing facilities and lavatories can be found at the end of the coach.

Please note that there is no gender-specific booking of compartments.

Compartment type: seated coach with 6 compartments in 2nd class.

Seat reservation is included in the price. Lavatories are available in the coach.

Questions and answers about travelling on HZPP night trains

Yes. You need a valid reservation to travel on HZPP night trains. The seat reservation is included in the ticket price. If you travel on a HZPP night train without a reservation, you will need to make a reservation on the train. This will involve an additional charge.

You can travel in a couchette coach in your own private compartment. You can book these compartments for up to 6 persons (max. 3 adults) at a package price including breakfast. The number of compartments is limited.

Yes you can book a single berth in couchette coaches and in Triple and Double compartments in sleepers. This means that you will share the compartment with other passengers (separate compartments for men and women). Compartments in couchette coaches can be occupied by both men and women (mixed occupancy).

No. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult on the HZPP night train.

Yes. To travel with your dog, you will need to book a whole compartment for your sole use and buy an additional ticket for EUR 29.00. Guide dogs for the blind and severely disabled may be taken along free of charge without restrictions.

Yes. With a BahnCard 25 and 50 you will receive a discount on cross-border services with Germany as the point of departure or arrival.

Holders of a BahnCard 100 also receive a discount. You can only book these offers at a DB Travel Centre, a travel agency with a DB licence or by calling +49 30 2970 (charges depend on provider).