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For 9 euros, you can travel throughout Germany on local/regional trains for a whole month in June, July or August.

Benefits for you

  • Flat rate: it gives you unlimited travel on local/regional transport services during the selected month
  • Travel throughout Germany: on all means of local/regional public transport (such as RB, RE, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus and tram)
  • No waiting times, fully mobile: you can also buy it as a mobile phone ticket


People with an annual or monthly season ticket will automatically receive notification from their transport association/operator. They will not have to do anything themselves. 

Information in German for subscription holders Häufige Abo-Fragen zum 9-Euro-Ticket

9-Euro-Ticket FAQs

All customers will benefit from this special offer and be able to buy the ticket before the three-month period starts. The ticket will be available via channels such as bahn.de, the DB Navigator app and ticket desks at stations. 

The offering goes on sale on 23 May 2022. People who use local/regional transport will be able to buy it anywhere in Germany via channels such as bahn.de and DB Navigator. It will also be available from DB Reisezentrum (travel centre) staff, at a DB agency and ticket machines at stations.

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is available in the period from 1 June 2022 to 31 August 2022.
  • It is valid for one calendar month, from 00:00 on the 1st until 24:00 on the 30th/31st.

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid on all public transport services in Germany. You can use it on any local/regional route and make as many journeys as you like.
  • The ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. IC, EC, ICE) or long-distance buses.

Holders of a season ticket for local/regional transport will be credited or refunded the difference between their season ticket price and the 9-Euro-Ticket price. This does not apply to holders of a season ticket for long-distance transport and BahnCard 100 holders.

These people will automatically receive notification from their transport association/operator. This will include information about the invoicing process (refund or reduction to their standing order). They will not have to do anything themselves. 

No. The ticket does not cover on-demand services (e.g. taxis at stations). These are supplementary local transport services that require a surcharge in addition to a normal fare.

  • Children under 6 always travel for free. They do not need a ticket.
  • Children aged 6-14 do not travel for free, so they need their own normal ticket or 9-Euro-Ticket.

  • You cannot use the 9-Euro-Ticket as a ticket for dogs.
  • However, you can bring a dog with you in line with transport associations' regulations. For example, some associations require you to buy a separate ticket for dogs. The situation is similar with guide dogs and assistance dogs: they are covered by transport associations' regulations.

Reservations are uncommon on local and regional transport as people often decide to use trains and buses at short notice. Nevertheless, seat reservations are offered on some routes. In these cases, you can book a seat in addition to using a 9-Euro-Ticket.

Existing seat reservations for subscription holders remain valid during the 9-Euro-Ticket promotion period. There is no reimbursement for reserved seats, as the EUR 9 price refers exclusively to the ticket price.

No. The 9-Euro-Ticket is only for travel in second class.

Yes. You can use the 9-Euro-Ticket before starting and after completing a trip on a long-distance train. However, you need a separate ticket for the long-distance part of your journey.

No. BahnCard discounts cannot be used in conjunction with the 9-Euro-Ticket, as it is like a monthly ticket for local/regional transport.

No. The City-Ticket is always part of a flexible or saver fare ticket for the outbound or return leg of a long-distance journey.

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