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The Deutschland-Ticket is coming

Travel conveniently throughout Germany with just one ticket. With the Deutschland-Ticket – D-Ticket for short – you can travel easily by all means of local public transport* from 1 May for just 49 euros per month. Register now and be notified as soon as the subscription is available on, in the DB Navigator app and at DB Travel Centers.

The benefits

  • Unlimited travel for just 49 euros per month
  • Valid throughout Germany on all local public transport *
  • Cancel monthly

* not valid in ICE, IC/EC

Note on the Deutschland-Ticket: Please note that the Deutschland-Ticket is only available by subscription.

Frequently asked questions

The v is the successor to the 9-Euro-Ticket, which was offered as a special measure in the summer months of 2022. The 9-Euro-Ticket was introduced by the German government to relieve the burden on people due to the sharp rise in costs for electricity, food, heating and mobility.

It was a great success and also helped the environment by encouraging greater use of public transport. As a result, the v is to be offered as a permanent season ticket as part of the third federal relief package in cooperation between the federal and state governments.

As a flat rate for regional transport, the Deutschland-Ticket simplifies local transport fares by enabling travel across different states and tariff zones. It therefore makes it even easier to switch the car for more environmentally friendly means of transport.

The decision to introduce the Deutschland-Ticket was taken by Germany’s federal and state governments.

The federal and state governments have decided to offer the Deutschland-Ticket as a subscription. It will be valid nationwide and will enable journeys throughout Germany on public transport and regional rail transport of all participating transport companies, associations and state tariffs, as well as in the non-associated area. A detailed area of validity will be published shortly on (in German).

The Deutschland-Ticket will cost 49 euros per month.

The aim is to offer the Deutschland-Tickett as soon as possible. The federal and state governments are currently aiming to introduce the Deutschlandticket on 1 May 2023.

At present, industry-wide pre-sales are due to begin on 3 April 2023.

Customers can purchase the Deutschland-Ticket via DB sales channels such as and the DB Navigator app, as well as at DB Travel Centres throughout Germany. Many other transport companies will also sell the Deutschland-Ticket in their sales channels.

The 9-Euro-Ticket was a temporary monthly ticket that could be purchased during the summer months of June, July and August 2022 at a flat rate of 9 euros each. The Deutschland-Ticket, on the other hand, will be a permanently available subscription.

If you already have a local transport subscription or Jobticket, your Subscription Centre will inform you about the further procedure as soon as more details about the Deutschland-Ticket are known.