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DB shuttle service: Travel to your destination at an affordable and fixed price

Use DB's affordable and easy-to-use shuttle service to get to and from train stations. The shuttle service is a cooperation between Deutsche Bahn and the taxi and limousine service Talixo.


How it works

  1. Book
    Enter your desired trip and your personal details. Payment is currently only possible by credit card. Click on "Book and Pay" to complete your booking. You'll receive your Talixo payment PIN and trip details by e-mail.
  2. Ride
    You'll receive the trip details about 30 minutes before the start of the trip by e-mail and SMS. As soon as the driver arrives at the pick-up location, you'll also receive an SMS notification.
  3. Pay
    Confirm the trip and the amount with the driver at your destination using the Talixo payment PIN. Payment is completely electronic.

Questions and answers about the DB shuttle service


You'll receive a booking confirmation by e-mail immediately after booking. This confirms your booking.

You can change or cancel your booking via your personal Talixo account. You can access your Talixo account from within your booking confirmation or at

Log in with your personal login details, go to "My Bookings" and then click the change or cancel booking button of the respective trip.

If you change a booking, Talixo will try to offer you a trip at the same conditions.

Your DB shuttle service booking is not linked to your train ticket booking. Please cancel your DB shuttle service booking separately.

If you have received a booking confirmation by e-mail, a vehicle has been reserved for your journey. You will also receive an SMS with the driver information before the start of the trip so that you can contact the driver if necessary.


You can recognise the driver by the Talixo sign with your name or the name of the person you have indicated when booking.

If you do not make it to the pick-up point in time, please call the driver and inform him or her of your delay. You will find the driver's phone number in the e-mail and SMS with the driver details you received before the trip.

If you do not inform the driver of your delay, he or she will leave after the agreed waiting time. You will be charged a no-show fee. This does not apply to train delays.

Please call the driver and ask for his or her exact location. You will find the driver's phone number in the e-mail and SMS with the driver details you received before the trip.

The driver knows your train number. The pick-up time will be adjusted accordingly. There are no costs for you.

The driver will ask you for your name and the details on your booking confirmation, which you will have received by e-mail and SMS. Please have your booking confirmation ready either on paper or on your mobile phone.

Discuss your new destination directly with the driver. Change requests may affect the fare.


  • Driver with Talixo seal of quality
  • Economy class sedan (e.g. Mercedes C-Class or VW Touran)
  • 10 minutes waiting time; 90 cents per additional minute (incl. 19% VAT)
  • Number of persons according to the type of vehicle booked
  • Number of items of luggage according to the type of vehicle booked

With the DB shuttle service, we always offer you a fixed price including all taxes, fees and tips. The fixed price for limousines may change due to delays or changes to the route or booking requested by the customer.

  • Delays caused by the customer
    If the delay of a passenger results in additional waiting time, this will be charged at a maximum of 90 cents per minute (incl. 19% VAT). Train delays through no fault of the passenger will not affect the fare.
  • Changes to the route
    If the route is changed, the distance will determine possible price adjustments.
  • Changing a booking up to 24 hours before departure: free of charge
  • Changing a booking 24 hours to 2 hours before departure: subject to a fee of EUR 10 (incl. 19% VAT)
  • Changing a booking less than 2 hours before departure: not possible
    A new trip must be booked.

    If you change a booking, Talixo will try to offer you a trip at the same conditions. If this is not possible, you will be informed.


The four-digit PIN is your electronic signature with which you authorise payment to the driver. The PIN is sent to your mobile phone as an SMS before each trip. If you do not have the PIN at hand, you can confirm the payment with your signature.

You only need to enter your credit card information when you make your first booking. The next time you make a booking, you can simply click on the credit card you have saved for payment. You can add several credit cards to your Talixo account.

Payment is currently only possible by credit card. We hope to be able to offer more payment options soon.

Your credit card information is handled with the utmost care and is protected from unauthorised access. To guarantee this, Talixo works with a well-known and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified payment provider that meets the strictest security standards.

Feedback and contact

At the end of each trip, a feedback option for the respective trip is activated in your account. In addition to the option to rate the vehicle and driver, you can also comment on Talixo's service and fleet.

This will help us to improve the DB shuttle service and respond even better to your needs.

Please send all feedback to We take your feedback seriously and will resolve issues fairly and as quickly as possible.

In cooperation with Talixo.