Terms of use for DB Vertrieb GmbH's websites/apps

These are the terms of use for all of the websites and apps maintained and operated by DB Vertrieb GmbH, with www.bahn.de being of particular importance.

General information

These websites/apps are maintained and operated by DB Vertrieb GmbH, Europa-Allee 78-84, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

By using these websites/apps, you consent to these terms of use. The terms of use also apply if you use the websites/apps or sections of them via other websites/apps.


The content of these websites/apps was created with the greatest possible attention to detail. However, DB Vertrieb GmbH assumes no liability for the accuracy, comprehensiveness or topicality of the available content.


DB Vertrieb GmbH makes every attempt to ensure that users can, to the greatest degree possible, access this service without interruptions. Downtimes cannot, however, be ruled out. DB Vertrieb GmbH reserves the right to change or discontinue its offering at any time. It assumes no liability for interruptions or other disruptions.

Permitted use

These websites/apps may be used for the following purposes only: (1.) Displaying the websites/apps (2.) Checking information about departure and arrival times (3.) Performing lawful bookings and reservations (4.) Using other functions made available on these websites/apps.

Any other type of use is permitted only with prior written approval of DB Vertrieb GmbH.

The reproduction, processing, dissemination, public display or any other form of use of these websites'/apps' content for commercial purposes are not permitted. Similarly, the use of automated systems or automated software for extracting these websites'/apps' content is not permitted. Furthermore, accessing the content of these websites/apps via any means other than the websites'/apps' user interface is not permitted.

No actions may be undertaken if these could have a disruptive impact on these websites'/apps' functioning. Such actions also include those which could result in an excessive or unmanageable overloading of the websites'/apps' infrastructure.

Regardless of the assertion of other rights, DB Vertrieb GmbH reserves the right to suspend access to these websites/apps if a party contravenes these terms of use.

Intellectual property

All copyrights, in particular rights pertaining to databases, brands, registered designs and other rights which protect intellectual property (including the structure and visuals of the websites/apps) are retained by DB Vertrieb GmbH or its licensors. Reproducing, processing, disseminating, publicly displaying or making any other use of the content of these websites/apps or its underlying software code, either in part or in full, are not permitted without prior written approval.

Links to other websites

These websites/apps may contain links to websites/apps operated by third parties. DB Vertrieb GmbH checks this third-party content when links are first set to assess if it could potentially result in a civil or criminal legal action. The company does not continuously monitor all content for changes. DB Vertrieb GmbH therefore assumes no liability for the content of third-party websites/apps, nor does it declare such websites/apps or content to be its own. The company deletes links if it ascertains or is informed that the specific content to which a given link leads could potentially result in civil or criminal legal action.

Status of the terms of use

We modify the terms of use to ensure they are in line with changes relating to functions or legislation. We therefore recommend that you check them at regular intervals.

January 2021