Terms and conditions of use for your customer account

1. The purpose of the customer account

  1. We want to give you the simplest, most convenient and most personal access possible to our services. In these terms and conditions of use, "we" means DB Vertrieb GmbH, DB Fernverkehr AG and DB Regio AG, collectively referred to as the DB companies. From a legal point of view, the DB companies bear collective liability and also bear collective rights. 
  2. Your customer account enables you to book and manage the DB companies' range of offerings and services quickly and easily. Your customer account contains the data generated when you were using its features, particularly those connected with your travel with the DB companies. We use your customer account to share information with one another with the purpose of adapting our offerings to better suit your expectations. See section 4 to learn more about this information. This activity enables us to tailor your rail travel experience to reflect your preferences from the very first point of contact - when you visit our website bahn.de/bahn.com or a DB Reisezentrum (DB Travel Centre) - until you complete your train trip and afterwards. It goes without saying that each of the three DB companies communicates with you only within the legally permitted parameters. Your customer account has no bearing on certain actions, in particular the consent to e-mail marketing activities you may have given to individual DB companies. The situation regarding newsletters, offers, vouchers and other product information will remain unchanged: you will receive them only if you wish to do so. 
  3. You can currently access your customer account via the following touchpoints: the bahn.de/bahn.com website, the DB Navigator and BahnBonus apps, and by phone. Over time, we want to add further touchpoints so you have additional options for accessing your customer account - these new touchpoints include DB Travel Centres and our train attendants on board long-distance and local services. 
  4. You can use your customer account as a consumer of services. It is free of charge, and participation is voluntary. This means you can continue to use the DB companies' offerings and services without creating or using a customer account if you prefer. We reserve the right to discontinue the customer account as an offering.  

2. The purpose of the terms and conditions of use

  1. The terms and conditions of use apply to your usage of the customer account. They do not apply to the offerings and services that you book and manage via your customer account. Using these offerings and services entails the conclusion of separate contacts with the relevant provider on a case-by-case basis. For example, the terms and conditions of carriage of Deutsche Bahn AG will continue to cover travel services. 
  2. Certain touchpoints may have their own terms and conditions that apply in addition to these terms and conditions. In particular, this is the case with the terms and conditions of use for the bahn.de/bahn.com website and the apps. 
  3. When you register for a customer account, you consent to the application of the terms and conditions of use described here. 

3. How to get a customer account

  1. You need to register in order to use your customer account. The details you supply must be accurate and provided in full. If any details change, you must update them without delay. 
  2. You can only use your customer account when you verify your identity by means of your access details. 
  3. You must not disclose your access details to anyone. You can change your password at any time. Third parties may not use your customer account. If several people use your end device, please ensure that the browser's auto-fill function is deactivated. In addition, please take care to prevent the misuse of your access details. 
  4. We are entitled to block your customer account if we have valid reason to suspect that someone has unauthorised access to your customer account, if you contravene the terms and conditions of use and, in particular, if we have a valid reason to suspect that your customer account is being misused. We may also block your customer account due to other legitimate reasons. If you fail to act, or if we set a reasonable deadline to resolve the issue and it nevertheless persists, we will prevent you from participating in your customer account as per item 7.2.  

4. What the customer account offers you

  1. By using your customer account, you have opted for a seamless customer experience when interacting with the DB companies. The customer account provides access to your data at the various touchpoints so that you can use and book the DB companies' offerings and services with greater ease. 
  2. Your data and booking history are stored in your customer account so you can make use of the many options that it affords, depending on the touchpoint in question. 
  • Managing master data 

You can save your name and address so you can then access them when making bookings at a later date as a registered customer. If necessary, you can include different delivery and invoicing addresses. 

Furthermore, you can save your preferred payment details for use when making subsequent bookings. 

  • Making and managing bookings 

Our system automatically uses the data in your customer account (incl. payment details) during bookings, but you still have the opportunity to change this information before concluding the booking. In addition, registered customers can make a booking for someone else. You also have access to an overview of your future and past bookings, which makes it possible for you to manage them quickly and easily. You can create travel notifications for future bookings and add extra options such as seat reservations after completing the initial booking. In addition, you can cancel a booking and apply for a refund in line with the ticket's conditions of sale. 

  • Booking services: save frequently used connections, routes and booking profiles 

A range of booking services are available for your use. 

"My next connections" lets you create, edit and delete connections that you often use.  

"My routes" lets you save, edit and delete multiple routes. If you want to search for travel information on a connection, you can then select one of the routes you've saved. 

"My booking profiles" lets you save, edit and delete frequently used information in your bookings in the form of a profile. If you use one of your profiles when making a booking, you do not have to reselect the settings it contains but can, if you want, change them before concluding the booking. You can save information on travellers and reservation preferences in different profiles. 

  • Travel notifications 

You can create notifications for your journey and deactivate them again at any time. You can specify connections for which you want to receive automatic notification if a train is delayed or cancelled, or if a particular station or stop will not be served. 

  • BahnCard  

Your customer account provides you with an overview of all your BahnCards, which includes main cards and partner cards. Each card's validity period is displayed. You can cancel your BahnCard contract or exchange your current card for a different one, in line with the conditions of sale. Ordering a new BahnCard is simpler for you, as our system uses the data in your customer account when you place the order. 

If you have a BahnCard 100 for travel in first class, your customer account provides you with an overview of your allowance of free seat reservations. It displays how many free seat reservations remain, and you can also use your customer account to make a seat reservation. 

  • BahnBonus 

You can register for the BahnBonus programme via your customer account. Once you register, you can opt to automatically collect bonus and status points every time you book a ticket via your customer account. If you do not select this option, our system will ask you if you want to collect points every time you make a booking. 

Your customer account shows an overview of the bonus and status points you have collected, in addition to the points you have redeemed. This enables you to keep track of your points and see how many you have received for a specific booking or how many have been deducted for a specific bonus. 

You also receive information regarding our status programme for frequent travellers and you can, for instance, see how many status points you have collected. 

You have the option of redeeming BahnBonus points items in our BahnBonus rewards catalogue. If you no longer want to participate in the BahnBonus programme, you can use your customer account to unregister from it. 

  • DB subscriptions and commuter tickets 

Your customer account provides you with an overview of your DB subscriptions and DB commuter tickets. It displays each contract's area of validity and validity period. You can cancel a contract or exchange one you currently have for a different one, in line with the conditions of sale. Concluding a new contract is simpler for you, as our system uses the data in your customer account when you place the order. 

  • Managing advertising and contact preferences 

You can use your customer account to consent to receiving newsletters from DB Vertrieb GmbH or to withdraw consent given in the past. 

You can also consent to receiving DB Fernverkehr AG's marketing e-mails or withdraw consent given in the past. 

  • Complaints, criticism, praise or suggestions 

Your customer account makes it easier for you to send the DB companies complaints, criticism, praise or suggestions regarding a future or previous booking. 

  • Submitting compensation forms (passenger rights) 

As a registered customer, submitting a form for compensation in connection with a passenger rights claim (due to a delayed or cancelled train) is easier for you.  

  • Offers, vouchers and information 

You can receive notification about the DB companies' offers, vouchers and information by post, via the companies' websites and apps and, if you wish, by e-mail. 

For example, we will alert you to situations that have a negative impact on services so that you can take them into consideration before and while you travel. 

As someone with a customer account, you can receive offers or vouchers for future journeys and for BahnCards when you visit a DB Travel Centre. Simply tell the staff member you are talking to that you have a customer account.  

We also use the e-mail address you provide during registration or due to contractual commitments (e.g. booking a digital ticket) to inform you electronically (via e-mail and push notifications in particular) about similar products or services we offer. You can revoke your consent to the future commercial processing of your data whenever you wish. You can submit your objection via the objection link in any e-mail received for this purpose or by sending an e-mail to p.d-datenschutz@deutschebahn.com (Advertising Objection).

Our goal is to continuously upgrade and improve your customer account. We therefore reserve the right to expand, restrict or otherwise modify the customer account's functions by a reasonable degree at any given time.  

5. Accessing the customer account

  1. We cannot guarantee that your customer account will be accessible via all touchpoints at all times and that it will always function perfectly - there may occasionally be disruptions and errors. Technical issues beyond our control can result in outages and restrict access in full or in part. Even performing a reasonable degree of maintenance work can have similar consequences. You do not have a legal right to the uninterrupted use of your customer account. 
  2. You can only save your BahnCard in the DB Navigator app if you have a stable internet connection to your customer account. You must therefore ensure that your BahnCard is available in your app even when you are offline. You should do this before starting a journey. You are responsible for ensuring that you can present a valid BahnCard upon request.  

6. What happens to your data

Our privacy policy contains information on how we process the personal data in your customer account.

7. Ending your participation in the customer account

  1. You can end your participation in the customer account with immediate effect as there is no notice period. You can do so via the following touchpoints: bahn.de/bahn.com, phone (the DB Dialog customer service centre) or in writing.  
  2. We automatically end your participation in the customer account if your account is inactive for 24 months.  
  3. You can no longer access the data in your customer account once your participation has ended. This terminates the contract with us regarding customer account availability.  
  4. We would ask you not to end your participation in the customer account if you require it for ongoing contracts, e.g. for subscriptions or multi-journey tickets. If you nevertheless indicate that you wish to end your participation, we will do our best to alert you. We also reserve the right to restrict your ability to terminate your participation to when all contracts and obligations have ended. We cannot assume liability in the event that you can no longer use services for which you have paid if you terminate your participation in the customer account. 

8. Liability

  1. We assume no liability relating to your customer account's accessibility or the availability of the functions it offers. 
  2. Furthermore, we shall assume liability only in the event of wilful or gross negligence on the part of the DB companies' legal representatives or agents. This liability restriction does not apply in the event of loss of life, physical injury or damage to health.  
  3. We shall not assume liability in the event of ordinary negligence on the part of the DB companies' legal representatives or agents unless this entailed the failure to meet an obligation when meeting this obligation was particularly important for the fulfilment of the contract's purpose (hereinafter described as a material contractual obligation). Material contractual obligations are obligations which one contractual party routinely relies on the other party to meet. When met, these obligations permit the proper performance of the contract. If they are not met, contract performance is jeopardised. In the event of negligent failure to meet a material contractual obligation, liability is restricted to the foreseeable damages typical as per contract. 
  4. Liability as per Germany's product liability law ("Produkthaftungsgesetz") remains unaffected by this. 
  5. We would like to emphasise that performing the services and providing the offerings associated with the customer account are purely dependent on the accuracy of your personal details. We therefore assume no liability for damages arising from incorrect or incomplete details provided by you.  
  6. We assume no liability for damages arising from the services you book via your customer account. These are covered exclusively by the contracts that you conclude separately on a case-by-case basis with the relevant service provider, as well as by relevant legal provisions. 

9. Updating the terms and conditions of use

  1. We can amend and update these terms and conditions with future effect if there is good cause to change them and the changes are reasonable in light of both parties' interests.
  2. Good cause exists in the following situations in particular: if changes are necessary due to an imbalance in the contract's equivalence relationship that we did not envisage when concluding the contract and this imbalance is not insignificant; if court rulings or amendments to laws require changes that are essential for the contract's performance.
  3. Changes to a main service obligation are excluded.
  4. We will forward you the text of the updated conditions at least eight weeks before these are due to come into force, and we will alert you specifically to the new provisions and the date when they are due to come into force. At the same time, we will grant you an appropriate period of at least eight weeks for you to decide if you want to accept the updated terms and conditions and so be in a position to continue using the service.
  5. This period begins when you receive the information in text form. If we do not receive notification from you within the eight-week period, we will assume that you have accepted the updated terms and conditions.
  6. We will alert you specifically to the legal consequences, i.e. your right to object to giving consent, the period of time you have for revoking consent and the implications of non-communication, when the eight-week period begins.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

  1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies if Germany is your habitual country of residence. German law also applies if another EU member state is your habitual country of residence. However, this does not affect any mandatory legal provisions of the state which is your habitual country of residence. Applicable law is otherwise based on the relevant legal provisions. 
  2. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Frankfurt am Main, Germany, if Germany is where your home is located or is your habitual country of residence. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is also the place of jurisdiction for all disputes if Germany was where your home was located or was your habitual country of residence when you registered for the customer account but you left Germany after concluding the contract. Furthermore, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the place of jurisdiction if your home's location or habitual country of residence is unknown when the dispute arises. The place of jurisdiction is otherwise based on the relevant legal provisions. 
  3. We are not obliged to participate in the dispute resolution mechanism of a consumer arbitration organisation, nor do we offer to participate in such a mechanism. 

(Last modified: 1 October 2021) 

Frequently asked questions

Further information and answers to frequently asked questions about the terms and conditions of use for customer accounts are available in our FAQ.