Intercity auf der Schiene

Intercity and Eurocity trains

Explore Germany and its neighbouring countries with ICE connections. There are five types of ICE train - come and meet our fleet!

What travel on an IC or EC train offers

  • The new Intercity 2 (IC 2)

    The double-decker IC 2 train has been in operation since 2015.
  • Virtual tour

    Take a look around and enjoy a 360° panorama view inside the IC 2.
    Virtual tour
  • IC entlang der Spree

    Intercity (IC)

    Intercity trains offer you air-conditioned compartments and travel at speeds of up to 200 km/h. The IC stops in major cities.
  • EC vor dem Nationalstadion Kazimierz Górski in Warschau

    Eurocity (EC)

    The Eurocity gives you travel across Europe on air-conditioned, long-distance trains. The EC stops in major cities.
  • ICE 4 - Baureihe 412

    On-board restaurant and bistro

    Browse the extensive menus in our on-board restaurants or get a snack from the bistro car if you're feeling peckish.