Paar im Zug verstaut ihr Gepäck

Travelling with luggage

Here we provide you with information for your journey by train with luggage

Are you travelling with luggage and need more time to change trains?

Adjusting the transfer time in the travel information

When planning your rail journey, you can adjust the transfer time in advance according to your wishes in the travel information on or in the DB Navigator app

It's simple:

Instead of the normal transfer time, simply select the time that is most convenient for you (in the DB Navigator app under "Options")

Note: This only works if you do not activate the best price search.

More about travelling with luggage

The standard dimensions of luggage racks are 700 x 500 x 300 mm.

You can take items such as briefcases, laptops, rucksacks, trolley bags or suitcases on board for no extra charge.

As well as your hand luggage, you can take also a larger item of luggage with you. Such items of luggage must be not be so big or heavy that they cannot be carried by a single person. Sometimes you may have to stow larger items of luggage further away from your seat. You alone are responsible for the security of your luggage.

You can stow your luggage under your seat or on the luggage rack above. In the open saloon section of many trains luggage racks for larger suitcases can be found, either near the doors or in the middle of the coach.

You can also take the following items with you on board:

- Pushchairs
- Folding bikes, scooters
- Sports equipment (e.g. skis, surfboards)

You can only take bicycles on long-distance trains that can accommodate bicycles. These trains are marked as having bicycle capacity. You will need to purchase a long-distance bicycle ticket and a bicycle space reservation.

Corridors, doors and safety devices such as fire extinguishers must remain unobstructed for your safety. Please follow any instructions that the on-board staff may give you.

The information provided here is applicable to long-distance trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. The information also applies to regional and local transport and international services.

Deutsche Bahn's conditions of carriage for persons travelling with Deutsche Bahn AG companies ("BB Personenverkehr") apply (in German).