Visit Regensburg and its cathedral by train

Regensburg is a charming city along the Danube River. Its strategic position makes it a great location for trade as well as tourism. Visit Regensburg with Deutsche Bahn.

Deutsche Bahn brings you to beautiful Regensburg

Regensburg has long been an important city on the majestic Danube River. It lies close to the mighty river's headwaters in the Black Forest of Bavaria, a position that has made it an important centre of trade and culture for centuries. Today Regensburg enjoys its status as a popular river cruise and tourist destination. One beautiful site to see along the banks of the Danube is found approximately 11 kilometres east of Regensburg: the spectacular Walhalla, or German Temple of Fame built from 1830-42 during the reign of Ludwig I. Regensburg's medieval Old Town including the Domplatz (Cathedral Square) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 13th-century Cathedral of St. Peter is regarded as one of the finest Gothic churches in Bavaria.


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