Komfort Check-in: Hop on. Check in. Relax.

You have a mobile phone ticket and reservation for a connection that allows Komfort Check-in? Then try out our new service in the DB Navigator now and check in yourself, so to speak.

Komfort Check-in is already available on these trains

Komfort Check-in will be introduced successively as a beta version. This means that we will gradually add train numbers to the service. All mobile phone tickets, online tickets and reservations that have been loaded into the Navigator will be enabled for Komfort Check-in as soon as the corresponding train number has been added.

Here's how it works

Once you have seated yourself in your reserved seat, check in using the DB Navigator app and validate your ticket yourself.
Like this:

  1. In the DB Navigator app, select the respective ticket under My Tickets. If you booked your ticket on bahn.de, you can load your online ticket into the app under "My Tickets".
  2. When you have opened the mobile phone ticket, tap the Itinerary tab.
  3. Tap the Komfort Check-in button to confirm your seat and check in.
  4. If you have not yet added your BahnCard to the DB Navigator app, enter your BahnCard number here.
  5. The information is sent to the train attendant’s terminal, which means he or she knows that your ticket does not need validating any more.
Download the free DB Navigator here now