Quick Booking

Our new feature in the App shortens the booking process in the app

The process is simple:

  • Just swipe left over the requested connection in the Connections view.
  • Tap the ticket symbol to see the booking details
  • Buy the mobile phone ticket by swiping the red area to the right.
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Quick Booking FAQ

What is Quick Booking and what are its advantages?

Quick Booking is a new feature only available in the DB Navigator beta app for Android. It lets you buy tickets without having to go through the entire booking process. Quick Booking is a shortcut for experienced customers who do not require any further information on the desired connection. Parameters such as travel class, BahnCard discounts, number of travellers, etc. are automatically taken from the search-option settings for Quick Booking.

How does Quick Booking work and where can it be found in the DB Navigator beta app for Android?

Enter your desired connection in the Trip Planner. By swiping to the left over the desired connection in the Connections view and tapping the ticket symbol, you will be taken directly to the booking details for you to review. With a swipe to the right over the red area you will buy your mobile phone ticket.

Under which conditions can I use Quick Booking?

To use Quick Booking, you must be logged into the beta app with your My Bahn account.

Which payment methods can I use?

Payment is possible by credit card.

Can I use Quick Booking for several persons?

Yes, Quick Booking is possible for up to 5 persons.

For which connections is Quick Booking available?

Quick Booking is possible for a single journey on all long-distance trains in Germany. Quick Booking is not yet possible for train association tickets, local and regional transport, international services (trains that require a seat reservation) and services that are not based on a timetable.

How do I cancel a ticket purchased through Quick Booking?

The cancellation conditions of the selected tariff apply.

Can I reserve a seat with Quick Booking?

A seat reservation is included in 1st class tickets. To add a reservation to your 2nd class booking, simply swipe the "no reservation" option to the left in the booking details view. When travelling with children, you can add a family reservation. Seats cannot be selected.

Why is the Quick Booking feature (currently) only available in the DB Navigator beta app for Android?

We are initially making Quick Booking available to a limited group of users in order to evaluate user acceptance. After successful testing, the feature will be available as an option to all users.

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