We’re doing everything possible to guarantee safe travel for our passengers.
The most important thing is up to you. Always take care by regularly washing your hands, wearing a face mask, maintaining physical distance when boarding and alighting, and following the hygiene guidelines wherever you are. This will help protect you and other travellers.

We have put effective safety measures in place on our trains.

  • On our trains, our employees wear masks that cover the mouth and nose.
  • We would ask you to wear the same kind of mask when you are on trains (incl. S-Bahn services), on platforms or at stops.
  • Currently, our employees scan tickets or perform visual checks to confirm validity. Simply present a printed ticket, or use the DB Navigator app on your smartphone to show your digital ticket.
  • Digital subscriptions give commuters in Germany a fully contactless option for buying and displaying tickets.
  • Our trains are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Handles and surfaces around doors and at seats get extra-special treatment.
  • On many of our trains (incl. ICE/IC), hand-washing facilities in the on-board toilets now also include disinfectant. We make sure that soap and hand sanitiser dispensers are always full.
  • When the relevant technology is present, we open the doors of our S-Bahn trains automatically. This way, no passenger has to press any door button.
  • Passenger announcements on trains and at platforms tell travellers to make use of all doors when boarding and alighting. This helps people to maintain maximum physical distance.

Tips when travelling:

Before your journey

  • If possible, travel at off-peak times, such as Friday evening or Sunday evening.
  • Our bahn.com website and DB Navigator app are perfect for making contactless and secure bookings. We recommend reserving seats.
  • Please follow hygiene guidelines, such as recommendations about regular hand washing.
  • Please wear a face mask when on trains or buses, at stations, on platforms or at stops.
  • Please keep an appropriate distance from other travellers when on platforms. Travellers should spread out along platforms when waiting for a train.

During your journey

  • To ensure that large numbers of travellers do not crowd around individual doors, see if you can use a different door to board or exit your train.
  • When on board, please be careful and maintain as much distance as possible from other passengers.
  • The DB Navigator app provides travellers with contactless information about their journeys before and during travel.
  • If you are travelling by ICE/IC, we recommend using the Komfort Check-in option for validating your own ticket.
  • You can check our ICE Portal to browse a range of free magazines using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. We update the publications on a regular basis. Our DB Mobil magazine is also available in digital form.
  • ICE/IC trains’ on-board catering facilities offer all dishes as a take-away option that is either pre-packaged or available in disposable packaging. You can use contactless payment such as a debit or credit card with an NFC chip or your phone.
  • We would ask you to please keep your mouth and nose covered to prevent Covid-19 transmission on trains. A simple scarf (i.e. for your head or neck) will do, but you can also buy a face mask at our on-board bistros for just EUR 1.50, subject to availability.