Travelling by train during the coronavirus pandemic

Under the current circumstances, there are many factors that affect your journey. That is why we have compiled all the important information for you here. Please follow the regional rules (in German only) created by Germany's different federal states when travelling within the country, and follow the international rules when making cross-border journeys to or from Germany.

Requirement to wear medical-grade masks

Government regulations require people on trains and at stations to wear a medical-grade mask. A medical-grade mask is a surgical mask or respiratory protection mask that meets the requirements of the FFP2, KN95 and N95 standards (or comparable). We strongly recommend that you use these masks. In some federal states wearing a mask that complies with the FFP2 or a comparable standard is mandatory on local public transport services and at railway stations. The rules applicable in the individual states can be found on the website of the federal government (in German only). We do not recommend using a mask with an exhalation valve. Certain regulations in German states now prohibit the use of masks with exhalation valves on public transport services. We recommend that you obtain a printed or digital version of the relevant certificate (e.g. EN 14683:2019-10) when using a multi-layer fabric mask permitted in line with states' regulations. Bring this certificate with you when travelling by train and present it to the train crew if asked.

Restricted seat reservations: increasing social distance by reducing availability

We want to ensure that you can maintain a suitable level of distance from other passengers on our trains, so we are modifying our seat reservation system. Now, only 60 percent of all seats on long-distance trains will be available for advance booking. This helps us to create the space that protects passengers during the pandemic. We have compiled a list of answers to the most important questions about this change.

FAQ restricted seat reservations

Making sure your trip with DB is safe and hygienic.

Wearing a medical-grade mask is obligatory on trains, on buses and at stations. Please adhere to the relevant regulations in all federal states. Security staff perform random checks to ensure that people comply with mask-wearing regulations. The number of DB teams performing checks on board daily long-distance services was doubled on 1 September. If a passenger repeatedly refuses to comply with mask-wearing requirements, DB staff can ban them from travelling. In the event of a conflict, the police will be requested to enforce the ban. Protecting the health of its employees and passengers is Deutsche Bahn's top priority. People who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt from doing so. For data privacy reasons, DB's train crews are entitled to ask passengers to produce a medical certificate. We would therefore ask anyone in this situation to ensure they bring relevant documentation when travelling.

The general hygiene guidelines issued by Germany’s Robert Koch Institute ( are in force on our train and bus services and at our stations.

DB’s hygiene recommendations and safety measures:

  • Maintain a suitable distance from fellow passengers and DB staff.
  • At stations, we have installed plexiglass panels at our DB Travel Centres and information desks to minimise the risk of transmission.
  • Our train attendants scan tickets or perform visual checks to confirm validity.
  • On buses, the front door beside the driver will not be in operation, so use other doors further down the vehicle when getting on and off.

We are in continuous communication with Germany’s interior ministry, national and regional healthcare authorities, and national and regional transport ministries. Whenever the situation regarding public health changes, we are in a position to react with speed and flexibility.

Further and general information and regulations can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute ( as well as the respective authorities. An overview of the local health authorities, for example, can be here

Safe travel

We’re doing everything possible to guarantee safe travel for our passengers.

Information about your upcoming journey is available here

Entering Germany

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, special rules are in place for anyone entering Germany. Depending on their point of arrival, travellers must adhere to the measures imposed by the relevant federal state.

At the moment, they are obliged to provide contract and travel details before they enter Germany if they were in a high-risk area within the 10 days before travel.

Information and access points are available here:

Information on travel restrictions in the EU

The EU's interactive platform provides you with the information you need to plan your travel and holidays in Europe safely with due regard for your health.

Information about flexible travel

  • The flexible use of tickets purchased before 13 March is unfortunately no longer possible. As of 1 November 2020, the contractual cancellation conditions will once more apply to tickets booked.
  • There are no refunds available for tickets not used by 31 October 2020.

FAQs about flexible travel

Will the flexible travel period be extended beyond 31 October 2020?

Under the expired goodwill arrangement, tickets booked on or before 13 March 2020 were valid for travel until 31 October 2020. There are no other goodwill arrangements beyond this expired regulation. The period for flexible ticket use was not extended beyond 31 October 2020.

Protect yourself and other people when visiting a DB Travel Centre or agency:

  • Please wear a medical-grade mask. Please observe the relevant regulations and the nationwide requirement to wear a medical-grade mask.
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other customers and DB staff.
  • Avoid using cash: pay by card if possible.
  • Pay attention to information regarding access.

The opening hours of DB agencies may vary due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recommended: Germany's Covid-19 tracing app

Developed on behalf of the German government, the Corona-Warn-App is now available for downloading to your smartphone. It is a quick and easy tool for identifying where community transmission is occurring, and it lets you use your phone as a warning system to keep you safe.

Further information is available at

Covid-19 and bicycle transport

Please note that you cannot see if bicycle spaces are available until the end of the booking process.

DB Lounges and on-board restaurants

Our on-board restaurants will not be open in the coming weeks, as all restaurants are to remain closed. The at-seat service and the distribution of free snacks have been temporarily suspended. The DB Lounges are also closed. This applies from 2 November 2020.

From 1 December 2020, DB Lounges will open again during the usual opening hours. Due to official regulations, we will not be serving food and drinks until further notice.

Luggage service in the time of the coronavirus

Luggage shipment in Germany:
Luggage service is still being offered. Hermes will pick up your luggage from your home while following all hygienic rules and maintaining a safe distance. If you would like to book our Hermes PaketShop service and drop your luggage off at one of our 13,000 PaketShops, Hermes is maintaining a safe distance there as well.

Our service provider Hermes is now also providing contactless delivery service. When you receive your luggage, you will no longer be asked to sign a scanner but instead the Hermes label on the luggage itself. Once you have taken a few steps back, the Hermes employee will take a picture of your signature using the camera integrated into their scanner. In this way, our service provider can ensure a safe distance is maintained. If you would prefer not to receive your delivery in person, you may also change your delivery and designate a secret drop-off location.

Luggage shipment to Austria:
Until further notice, we are not able to offer luggage shipment to or from Austria. As soon as these services become available again, we will notify you on this site.