Frequently asked questions by other corporate clients

How can I pay in the corporate client portal?

You can pay with your personal or corporate credit card (corporate T&E card) in the corporate client portal. Payment by debit or Maestro card or direct debit is not possible.

Can I book a mobile phone ticket as a corporate client?

Yes, you can do this in two ways:

1. In the portal:
Log into your account before booking a ticket. Companies that use the Key Account Portal must be activated to book mobile phone tickets. Select "Mobile phone ticket" during the booking process and download the DB Navigator app to open the ticket. You can also import previously booked online tickets into the DB Navigator app.

2. With the DB Navigator app (for iPhone, Android devices and Blackberry 10):
Before booking a mobile phone ticket for the first time, enter your user details in the app's settings. The booking process is identical to the process in the online portal. Once booked, you can find the ticket under "Tickets". You will also receive a PDF version of the ticket in the confirmation e-mail.

How and up until when can I cancel an online ticket in the corporate client portal?

Online tickets can only be exchanged or refunded via the corporate client portal or by contacting the service centre.

Under "Orders", you can cancel unused flexible business fares you booked online free of charge up until the day after the first day of validity. To have an unused flexible business fare refunded on or after the third day of validity, use the "Orders" option in the portal. You will be guided through the refunding process.

Online saver fares can be cancelled online for a fee of EUR 19 up until the day before the first day of validity. After this time, saver fares can no longer be exchanged or refunded. Promotional offers are subject to the applicable conditions.

How can I change a ticket?

If you need to change a ticket, cancel the existing ticket and then book a new ticket.

For more flexibility, we recommend that you tick the "Cancel" box when searching for a connection in the online portal.
If ticked, you will receive an online ticket that can be cancelled individually for the outward and return journeys.

Where can I as the person booking a ticket find my profiles?

If you would like to use a profile to book a ticket more quickly, select the "Timetable & Tickets" search mask on the homepage of the corporate client portal.

If you would like to create new or edit existing profiles, go to Administration -> Create traveller or Manage travellers.

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