Long-distance coach: Warsaw - Łódź - Poznań - Berlin from EUR 17.90

Travel from Warsaw to Berlin for as little as EUR 17.90. Even cheaper on some routes.

Affordable and comfortable travel between Warsaw and Berlin from EUR 17.90. From Łódź you can travel to Berlin from EUR 14.90 and from Poznan from EUR 9.90. Prices are for a single journey and subject to availability.

  • On-board services
  • Sample fares

On-board services

  • Free entertainment portal
  • Free WiFi in Germany and abroad
  • Seat reservation included
  • State-of-the-art safety features
  • Generously spaced seats
  • Comfortable seats with adjustable backrests
  • Power outlets at every double seat
  • Snacks and drinks available for purchase on board
  • Air conditioning and on-board toilet

Sample fares

Poznań - Berlin

From EUR 9.90

Łódź - Berlin

From EUR 14.90

Warsaw - Berlin

From EUR 17.90

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Detailed information on the departure times and stops can be found here:

On IC Bus services, the standard long-distance fares apply and seat reservation is compulsory. Single tickets include the reservation fee. Travel pass offers (Interrail, German Rail Pass, Eurail) can be used on IC Bus services, provided the passenger reserves a seat. If the travel pass does not cover the entire route, a separate ticket must be purchased for the section not covered by the travel pass.

Further booking conditions and terms and conditions of the offer can be found under IC Bus super saver fare and Super saver fare Europe.

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