Discover Germany for as little as EUR 29.90.

Fast and affordable travel across Germany on our long-distance trains. With its saver fares, Deutsche Bahn offers affordable tickets for long-distance journeys starting at just EUR 29.90. If you prefer even more comfort when travelling, compare the saver fares for first-class travel, which start at just EUR 39.90.

The original German name of the ticket is "Sparpreis". This offer is subject to availability.

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  • Terms and conditions of the offer


  • Travel across Germany for as little as EUR 29.90 (2nd class) or EUR 39.90 (1st class)
  • For short distances up to 250 km from as little as EUR 19.90 (2nd class)
  • 25% discount with BahnCard 25
  • Children aged under 15 travel for free with their parents/grandparents
  • Train-specific booking: A saver fare ticket is only valid for the booked connection
  • Can be booked online up to six months in advance

Terms and conditions of the offer

Original name of the offer:



from EUR 29.90 in 2nd class (single journey)

from EUR 39.90 Euro in 1st class (single journey)

For short distances up to 250 km from as little as EUR 19.90 in 2nd class and EUR 29.90 in 1st class.

Advance sales period:

Tickets can be bought online up to 180 days in advance until shortly before travel.


Within Germany. For international connections we offer our saver fare Europe.

Means of transport:

Saver fares are only available if you travel at least one section of your route on an ICE or IC/EC train.

Train-specific booking:

When buying a saver fare, you must select the specific trains you want to travel on as well as a specific time (date and time). Your ticket is valid only on the trains and date specified on the ticket. You are not bound to a specific train when using connecting local and regional trains.


2nd class:
Free choice of seats. The ticket does not include a seat reservation. You can purchase a seat reservation with your ticket or separately at a later point of time.

1st class:
1st class tickets automatically include a seat reservation.

BahnCard discount/RAILPLUS:

Holders of a BahnCard 25 or BahnCard 50 receive a discount of 25%.

Discount for children:

Children aged 6-14 travelling with their parents or grandparents travel for free if entered on the ticket. Children under the age of 6 always travel for free (the number of children does not need to be entered on the ticket).


Before the 1st day of validity: possible for a fee of EUR 19.00
After the 1st. day of validity: not possible
Further information can be found on the Passenger Rights page.

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