Overnight travel on the ICE and IC

Overview of daily night services

  • Dortmund–Frankfurt–Munich (ICE train)
  • Cologne–Hanover–Berlin (ICE train)
  • Hamburg–Cologne–Frankfurt (IC train)
  • Kiel–Cologne–Frankfurt–Basel (IC train)
  • Przemyśl–Krakow–Wroclaw–Berlin (EC train)
  • Bonn–Cologne–Hanover–Berlin (–Binz) (ICE)
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Questions & Answers about overnight travel on the ICE and IC

What offers are there for night services?

For night services on the ICE and IC/EC all DB long-distance offers apply without surcharges. Your BahnCard and DB monthly ticket are valid on night services.

Do I need a reservation?

For ICE and IC trains you do not need a reservation.

Can I travel with my German Rail Pass, Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass?

Yes. You can travel on ICE and IC night services with the German Rail Pass, Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass.

Is on-board catering available on DB night services?

This depends on the train service. On some trains the dining/bistro car is open for a light evening snack or breakfast. Please see the timetable information for more details.