Eurail Pass: Unlimited travel across Europe

Unlimited travel across Europe for customers with residence outside of Europe, Turkey and Russia with the Eurail Pass.

Your benefits

  • Unlimited travel across 28 European countries including Turkey with a single travel pass.
  • Travel on consecutive days or remain flexible and travel within one or two months.
  • Vouchers and discounts for many tourist attractions with our partners.

Winter Promotion: special savings with the Eurail Pass

Get up to 37% off the Eurail Global Pass, 20% off the Eurail Select Pass and 15% off the Eurail One Country Pass.

  • Availability: 01/12/2018 - 31/12/2018
  • Booking period: 11 months from the date of purchase
  • Travel passes: Eurail Global Pass, Eurail Select Pass for 2, 3 or 4 countries and Eurail One Country Pass
  • Exchanges and refunds: Not possible with promotional travel passes.

Eurail Pass versions and Winter Promotion discounts

Eurail Global Pass

  • up to 37% discount
  • Flexible or consecutive travel days within 2 months
  • Travel pass for 5 or more countries
  • Postal delivery
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Eurail Select Pass

  • 20% discount
  • Flexible travel days within 2 months
  • For 2-4 bordering countries
  • Postal delivery
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One Country Pass

  • 15% discount
  • Flexible travel days within 1 month
  • Postal delivery
  • Travel pass for 1 country of your choice
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Benefits with our partners with the Eurail Pass

Outlet cities: Wertheim & Ingolstadt Village

Take advantage of a free ride on the Shopping Express Bus to the shopping outlets Wertheim Village in Frankfurt or Ingolstadt Village upon presentation of your Eurrail Pass to the bus driver.

Discover the German capital in a Trabant

Eurail Pass holders receive a discount of EUR 10 on this unique sightseeing tour. The discount applies to the Trabi Safari Tours "Classic" and "Wild-East".

Travel to Finland on Finnlines

Eurail Pass holders receive a 50% discount on standard fares on the following routes:
Travemünde - Helsinki (Finland)
Travemünde - Malmö (Sweden)

Travel on S-Bahn trains and discover the most important attractions in Germany's cities

The Eurail Pass is also valid on S-Bahn networks, which exist in many Germany cities. You can recognise S-Bahn trains by their logo (white S on green background).

Discover the breathtaking landscape around Lake Constance

Eurrail Pass holders receive a 50% discount on boat trips on Lake Constance operated by BSB, SBS and ÖBB between May and October.

Discover the Donau

Eurail Pass holders receive a 7.5% discount on boat trips with Donauschifffahrt Wurm & Köeck on the route Regensburg - Deggendorf - Passau - Linz (reservation mandatory).

Discover the rivers Rhine and Moselle with Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt AG

Eurail Pass holders receive a 20% discount on standard journeys operated by Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt AG:
Cologne - Mainz (Rhine)
Koblenz - Cochem (Moselle)

Discover Germany's most popular travel route with the Romantic Road coach ride

Eurail Pass holders receive a 20% discount on the Romantic Road route:
Frankfurt am Main - Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Augsburg - Munich/Füssen

Meininger and A&O Hotels and Hostels

Benefit from a 10% discount on all bookings for Meininger Hostels & Hotels in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg.
Benefit from a 10% discount on the daily rate for bookings for A&O Hostels & Hotels in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and many other cities.