Interrail Pass: Terms and conditions

People resident in Europe, Turkey or Russia can book an Interrail Pass.

Book a Eurail Pass if you do not come from Europe, Russia or Turkey.

The pass is non-transferable.
Periods of validity:
Interrail Global Pass:
- 5 freely selectable travel days within 15 days
- 7, 10 or 15 freely selectable travel days within 1 month
- 15 or 22 consecutive travel days
- 1 month starting on any day

Interrail One Country Pass:
- 3, 4, 6 or 8 freely selectable travel days within 1 month
Advance sales:
You can book Interrail Passes as early as 11 months before your journey begins.
Interrail in the country of residence:
Interrail Global Pass:
The Interrail Global Pass includes 2 journeys in the holder's country of residence. One of these journeys is for your journey to another country and the other is for your return to your country of residence.

Interrail One Country Pass:
You cannot use the Interrail One Country Pass to travel in the country where you have your place of residence.
Exchange or refund:
Not possible for special offer passes

Only in exceptional circumstances and only before the first day of validity.

Exceptions: if pass is issued incorrectly (i.e. name is spelled incorrectly) or if the first date of travel must be changed
Additional reservations:
Reservations are required for many European high-speed trains and for all night trains. This means that you must make an additional seat reservation to be able to travel on such trains. You should book the seat reservation in advance. Seat reservation fees are not included in the Interrail Pass and must be purchased separately.
Notes on travelling with Interrail:
As well as your name, you must also enter your date of birth, your country of residence and the number of your ID document on your Interrail Pass. You will have to show the ID document that you entered on the Interrail Pass when your ticket is inspected on the train.

Here you can download the price list for Interrail Passes