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Whether it be art, nightlife, history, or culture that intrigues you, find it all in Germany's bustling capital city, Berlin.

Explore Germany's fascinating capital city

Berlin has long been a hot tourist destination. Over 11.6 million tourists visited Berlin in 2014, and the number continues to grow. It comes as no surprise, considering the wide array of sites and activities the German capital has to offer. From UNESCO preserved architectural wonders to buzzing, edgy nightlife and contemporary art, Berlin has got it all.
Once a city cut in two, modern Berlin is the political and cultural hub of Germany. For those interested in history, the city still bears witness to WWII and its aftermath with museums and landmarks well worth visiting.

Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien ©

Let Deutsche Bahn help you experience Berlin

Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien ©

Browse collections of fine art at the picturesque Charlottenburg Palace. Explore Germany's divided past with a visit to Checkpoint Charlie. Take in some of the finest classical music and theatre Europe has to offer at any number of venues. Each day approximate 350 important meetings take place in Berlin, ranging from politics to media to science. Needless to say, the city is humming with activity!
In the summer, take a stroll along the river Spree or enjoy a number of outdoor concerts, film screenings, and festivals. Charming Christmas markets pop up all across the city once winter arrives, making Berlin a great holiday destination in the cooler months. Even on rainy days, you can shop along the Kurfürstendamm or explore Berlin's exciting culinary scene.
Whatever time of year Berlin calls you, arrive in comfort with the Deutsche Bahn.

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