Visit Heidelberg and its castle by train

Located less than 100 kilometres from Frankfurt, Heidelberg is an idyllic German town known for its well-preserved, Baroque city centre and its young, spirited vibe.

Discover the charming town of Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a stunning town located along the river Neckar and surrounded by forest. The picturesque, half-ruined hilltop castle adds to the idyllic nature of Heidelberg. The red-roofed townscape of the old town was constructed in the 18th century after having been all but destroyed by French troops. Thankfully Heidelberg escaped WWII mostly unscathed, so today's visitors experience it in its original Baroque glory.
Beauty aside, Heidelberg is also known as a thriving university town. It is, in fact, Germany's oldest university town. Great thinkers such as Goethe and Mark Twain found inspiration here, and visitors can enjoy the young, spirited vibe brought on by the large student population.

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