Visit London and Buckingham Palace by train

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." - Samuel Johnson, 1777. Go and discover it for yourself!

Beautiful combination of the old and the new

Samuel Johnson's famous words of more than 200 years ago still ring true today. London is a metropolis with something for everyone. Here you will find the historic Tower of London and Houses of Parliament right next to the modern Coca-Cola London Eye and the Shard, London's newest skyscraper. Add to that an abundance of museums, shops, restaurants and theatres, and you are spoilt for choice! Travel to the British capital during the holiday season and marvel at the Christmas lights, cheer on the runners during the London Marathon in April, or take part in the Notting Hill Carnival in August. The numerous parks and green spaces offer a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Full of exciting things to do for all ages

London is also very child-friendly. The Natural History Museum includes an exciting dinosaur exhibition. For living animals, you can visit ZSL London Zoo and Sea Life London Aquarium. Or travel to the charming village of Greenwich to straddle the Prime Meridian line. End the day with a stroll along the South Bank to enjoy the street artists and beautiful views of London's skyline. What are you waiting for? Deutsche Bahn offers high-speed connections to London in conjunction with Eurostar. The city itself can be easily navigated by the famous red buses and the extensive underground railway network - or the Tube - which is the world's oldest subway system. So hop on, and "mind the gap"!

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