Trains in front of Frankfurt main station

Discover Germany and neighbouring European countries at high speed!

At present, there are five different types of the ICE in operation: the ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3, ICE T and ICE Sprinter. The ICE fleet currently consists of 265 trains. Starting from December 2017, more than 100 of the new ICE4 train will be added to the fleet by 2023.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Comfort and convenience
  • More legroom than on a plane
  • Socket at your seat
  • Free state-of-the-art WiFi in first class and from 2017 also in second class
  • On-board mobile phone reception
  • On-board catering
  • Quiet zones and mobile phone zones for business travellers
  • Seat reservation included in first class

Travel at high speed

Regardless of whether you want to travel within Germany, from Germany abroad or from abroad to Germany, on our website you can purchase tickets for all destinations.

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The new generation

As the founding father of a new generation of high-speed trains, the ICE 1 was a technical revolution.


The double-heading concept

Two trains can be coupled, half-length trains can be coupled and uncoupled within minutes.


The first train for speeds up to 300 km/h

The Cologne–Rhine-Main new-build line is predestined for the ICE 3 for international services to Belgium and the Netherlands.


The new face of the ICE fleet

Enjoy modern comfort with new ergonomic seats, large luggage racks, family areas, parent-child compartments and quiet zones.


Fast en route

The ICE T operates between Hamburg and Munich, Dresden and Frankfurt/Main, Dortmund and Vienna and on the Berlin-Erfurt high-speed line.

ICE Sprinter

The fast and relaxed way to your destination

The ICE Sprinter is the fastest direct connection between major cities. In under four hours and with few stops it takes you from city centre to city centre.

On-board catering

Dining car and bistro service

Dining cars and bistro service are available on long-distance trains (ICE, IC and EC). To find out whether your train has an on-board restaurant, visit our travel information.

First class

Space, relaxation and comfort

First class offers ample space with lots of legroom for excellent seating comfort, a wide range of services and personal at-seat service. The use of WiFi is free.

Mobile phone zone

Stay in touch

Around two-thirds of the seats in first class and second class have optimised mobile phone reception.


On-board WiFi

Use the time travelling to work. If you want to use first class as a mobile office, the firm table at your seat is ideal for office work.

Virtual tour of the ICE 3

Lean back and enjoy the 360-degree panorama view inside the ICE 3 high-speed train.

Tips & information

Seat reservation

Choose your seat, reserve and travel in comfort


Stowing your luggage

You can stow your luggage on the rack above your seat. On many trains you can also stow your luggage on special luggage racks.

Tickets and offers

What ticket do I need?

Here you can find an overview of our tickets and offers. .

Real-time information

Is my train on time?

The 2016 ICE network with all ICE lines

2016 ICE routes to download (PDF, 393KB)