Visit Mainz and its cathedral by train

Whether you are visiting as a tourist or on business, you will feel the friendly atmosphere of the city of Mainz. There is plenty to see and do!

Mainz is a charming city with a unique character!

Mainz is the capital of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. For this city, located on the Rhine River in the middle of one of the most-important wine-growing areas, wine plays a large economic role. The famous inventor Johannes Gutenberg was born in Mainz. A bronze monument shows the inventor of the printing press, bearded, dressed elegantly and holding a bible and printing type characters. The Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz is one of Germany's largest universities and is attended by 32,000 students from over 130 countries.

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Discover Mainz and explore the city's attractions!

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Catch a train and ride in comfort to Mainz. Be enchanted by the charm of the city and dive into a world of art, culture and history. All of the major attractions are easily accessible on foot. You can admire the many extravagant fountains, pillars, monuments, and sculptures which are spread throughout the city. It's a unique atmosphere with historic buildings and St. Stephen's Cathedral. There are nice open spaces, parks and a nature reserve for those who love the outdoors. A highlight is the quaint Kirschgarten district with old half-timbered houses historically restored with a new lustre. In July 2016 at the town festival the city of Mainz will celebrate the 200th birthday of the region of Rheinhessen, offering wine tastings, live music and culinary delights.

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