Visit Merano by train and explore beautiful South Tyrol

The Italian city of Merano offers visitors a unique and altogether pleasant mash-up of Italian and Austrian cultures. Experience it with Deutsche Bahn.

Relax and revive like the royals in Merano

The picturesque Italian town of Merano was once the spa retreat of the Austrian royal family, the Habsburgs. This influence can still be felt today: Art Nouveau villas line the streets, and the impressive imperial Castle Trautmannsdorf stands as a testament to Merano's unique past. It was not just royalty that came to Merano to revive their spirits: great thinkers such as Sigmund Freud, Ezra Pound, and Franz Kafka were frequent guests. Today, those seeking spa treatments can find any number of places in and around Merano to relax and revive their spirits. The well-preserved medieval old town is lined with restaurants and bars, and the mountains surrounding Merano are perfect for hiking and skiing.

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Start your trip to Merano with Deutsche Bahn

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The first step towards your relaxing trip to Merano starts with Deutsche Bahn. Find affordable tickets that suit your travel plans. "Flexpreis" tickets allow you to take any train to Merano within a certain period of time, offering maximum flexibility. If the train you opt for happens to be more expensive, you can simply pay the difference. Deutsche Bahn also has attractive "Sparpreis Europa" deals; tickets start as low as 19 euros one way, depending on your point of departure! Arrive relaxed and ready to go with Deutsche Bahn.

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