Visit Potsdam and its City Palace by train

How many World Heritage Sites can one city hold? In historical Potsdam you will be spoilt for choice, so start planning your visit now.

Park Sanssouci, Babelsberg and much more

Potsdam is a city brimming with history. It was the residence of the Prussian kings and the German emperor until 1918. The parks and palaces of Sanssouci are Germany's largest World Heritage Site, and Cecilienhof Palace was the location of the post-WWII Potsdam Conference between the victorious Allies. Moreover, the city's film studio Babelsberg was an important European film production centre before the war and is the oldest large-scale film studio worldwide. Many of Potsdam's parks form part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and provide excellent opportunities to get away from the bustle in the city. If you arrive by train, why not get out at the monumental Kaiserbahnhof at Park Sanssouci to start your visit?

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A city brimming with historical landmarks

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Potsdam has many more historical landmarks. The Dutch Quarter is one of the city's most-visited districts, encompassing 150 red-brick houses in Dutch style that were built in the 18th century for Dutch artisans. The Old Market Square is Potsdam's historical city centre. Here you will find the imposing 19th-century St. Nicholas' Church with its classical dome, and the 18th-century Old City Hall. Potsdam also has its own Brandenburg Gate, just like its bigger neighbour Berlin. It forms part of the original city wall and is one of three gates still standing. A final tip for visitors is the Einstein Tower is the Albert Einstein Science Park, which is still a working solar observatory.

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