Visit Würzburg and its Residence by train

Würzburg is a delightful city situated in the beautiful Main Valley. Explore the historical richness of the area with a trip to Würzburg.

An unforgettable experience in Würzburg!

The inviting aura of Würzburg in the province of Franconia draws visitors in with its rich cultural heritage, beautiful surroundings, and thriving student population. Würzburg is situated in a basin in the lovely Main Valley. High on the hills of that basin is one of the most inspiring sites of Würzburg: the medieval Fortress Marienberg. This mighty fortress has been around since ancient times, though the majority of its current structures were constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries. Though Würzburg was heavily bombed during WWII, the old town has painstakingly been rebuilt so visitors can enjoy it as it once was. The university in town brings a young, fresh, and fun vibe. Book a ticket with Deutsche Bahn and explore this intriguing city!

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