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You donít know the station & stop?

With our journey planner you can not only plan your trip from station to station, but you will easily and seamlessly travel from door to door using all means of public transport. Simply select your destination address or point of interest (POI) and find your connection.

How to get to the train station or bus stop: by foot, bicycle, car or taxi?

Whether you walk, use a bicycle, car or taxi, we work out the best route for you. Just select your preferred way to reach the departure stop of your public transport from the initial starting point of your trip. You can furthermore specify the maximum distances which you want to go by foot or bicycle or minimum distances from which you would prefer travelling by car or taxi.

A street map directs you to the point of departure of your train or bus

To make sure you arrive safely at your destination, a street map guides you from your initial starting address to the first stop and from the last stop to your destination.
As soon as you have received your information or connection details, click on a certain connection or the specified time in the "Routes" column. The map displays the departure station, the route and the destination station.

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Plan your journey from door to door now. Simply enter your departure and destination address and the route will be displayed.

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