WiFi access on ICE trains and in DB Lounges

Combining the Internet and mobility - a Deutsche Bahn mobility service

HotSpot is available on board of many ICEs:

New: free access to WiFi hotspots on ICE trains for passengers travelling in First Class.

This service enables you to surf, send and receive e-mails and to access your company network on board of the ICE.
In cooperation with Telekom, DB offers you a special service. True to the motto "Travel time is useful time" you can surf the internet at all DB Lounges and during your ride in many ICE trains. No other means of transportation provides you with better conditions for using the Internet as the ICE. Here you can use the travel time wisely and create your own office while travelling at a speed of 300km/h. Look for the HotSpot logo. Each designated ICE, which operates on the lines below, has internet service.

Where is the HotSpot-service available?

You can use the internet in all DB Lounges and on all trains which feature the HotSpot logo on the following routes. You can also find the routes on the map in the download section.

Dortmund - Düsseldorf - Cologne (also via Hagen and Wuppertal)
Cologne - Frankfurt (Main)
Frankfurt (Main) - Stuttgart - Munich
Frankfurt (Main) - Nuremberg - Munich
Frankfurt (Main) - Hanover - Hamburg
Frankfurt (Main) - Mannheim - Freiburg
Dortmund - Hanover - Berlin
Göttingen - Wolfsburg
Berlin - Hamburg
Fulda – Würzburg

How it works on the ICE

• Activate your WiFi-capable device and choose the network with the name (SSID) “Telekom_ICE”.
• When you are connected just launch your browser. After entering any internet address, the HotSpot portal will open automatically in your browser.
• To log into the internet, you’ll need a user name and your personal password.
• Then click in the section “How to become a HotSpot customer”. You don’t need a contract with Deutsche Telekom. All you need is your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express). Please refer to the Internet HotSpot Portal (www.HotSpot.de) for cost information.
• After entering your name and your password click the <Login> and you are online.

The HotSpot Pass you buy in Germany is not roaming-enabled, so you can’t use it when you’re in other countries!

Login for roaming customers

As a WiFi customer of one of the Telekom international roaming partners, you can log in quickly and easily using your usual WiFi access data. Then use the section “Already a HotSpot customer” or choose your operator in the “Roaming pulldown menu”.

How it works in DB Lounges

The WiFi access in the DB Lounges is free of charge. After activating your WiFi-enabled device and choosing the network (SSID) “Telekom” you are online and can start browsing.

Overview of all necessary preferences

• DHCP = activated (obtain an ip-address automatically)
• channel selection = automatic
• SSID (in DB Lounge) = Telekom
• SSID (in the ICE) = Telekom_ICE
• encryption = deactivated

Contact and further information

If you have further questions please contact the HotSpot service team. Available around the clock.

  • from a landline in Germany 0800 350 2000 ( free of charge)
  • for roaming customers 0800 350 2000
  • from outside Germany +49 228 939 2000
  • Telekom quick dial from mobile phones 502000 (free of charge)

You also can visit the Telekom website for further information: www.HotSpot.de