Time is money, with bahn.business services you save both

At Deutsche Bahn we value our corporate clients and offer bahn.business as a tool to quickly and easily plan your next business trip.

Benefits of a corporate account:

  • Corporate discount on all flexible fares for Germany/Europe
  • Access to a Corporate Client portal with helpful tools
  • 1st class city ticket included in all tickets
  • Excellent customer support
  • Longer period for returning unused train tickets
  • Eco-friendly, CO2-free travel

Initial registration

Register your company for bahn.business.

Current discount levels for corporate client spending

Deutsche Bahn ticket purchases per year Discount
from 3,000 euros 3.0%
from 25,000 euros 3.5%
from 50,000 euros 4.0%
from 100,000 euros 4.5%
from 200,000 euros 5.0%

The corporate discount for routes within Germany is very appealing. You can save between 3-10% depending on the value of Deutsche Bahn tickets (tickets, seat reservation and BahnCards) purchased on a yearly basis. You receive the corporate discount for all flexible fare tickets.

bahn.business with 100% green power

The future of business travel is green (PDF, 173KB)