Historic town of Bremen with old sailing ship

Visit Bremen and the Town Musicians by train and explore northern Germany

Just 60 kilometres from the sea and situated along the River Weser, Bremen has long been an important commerce and cultural centre in Germany.

Art, architecture, and commerce thrive in Bremen.

Bremen, Germany's 10th largest city, is known for its strategic position on the Weser River and as a hugely important port town. However, Bremen has more to offer than just industry! Art and architecture are also major draws to Bremen. Should you find yourself visiting this fascinating old city, Bremen's picturesque Market Square (Marktplatz) is not to be missed. The area is bustling with restaurants and bars, and is also the site of Bremen's impressive Gothic Town Hall, built in 1410.
Another fun destination is the "street of museums", Böttcherstrasse. Though just 100 metres long, this street is packed with interesting galleries for art aficionados of all tastes. Visit a few or simply enjoy the fascinating structures as you stroll. Should you want to visit the sea, the port town of Bremerhaven is just 60 kilometres away and is easily reached with Deutsche Bahn.


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